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International Piano Archives at Maryland Godowsky Collection


Vladimir N. Drozdoff
Pianist/Composer from the Golden Age


Godowsky site by Tzvetan Konstantinov


Leopold Godowsky III


Here is a link to hear: Triakontameron played by Godowsky on piano rolls -Restored by John Duffy.


Kasp Records WebSite


The Ronald Stevenson Society

********************************* - A brilliant composer who writes in many styles, one of which is post-Romantic. Many of his pieces echo Godowsky.

Video Lecture Series on Godowsky Paraphrases -- David Stanhope talks about and plays the Chopin Etudes paraphrased by Godowsky. They are done by individual chapters and highly educational and fascinating.

MarchandMusic. - James Marchand is a pianist-composer who who has written many pieces for the left hand alone.

Alfred-Watson.Com - Alfred Watson is a pianist-composer who writes in the post-Romantic style.

Daniel Glover Pianist.Com  - This is a link to recordings of Daniel Glover, one of the best pianists around, who specializes in post-Romantic music and music that is rarely played.  He is also the editor for Dover Editions.

Dover Publications - Daniel Glover, Editor   - This is a link to Daniel Glover’s Dover Editions.  There is a treasure of unknown works, one of which is the Lullaby of Brahms arranged by Godowsky.

Claus Nyvang Kristensen Discographies - Discography of Godowsky's Passacaglia

Claus Nyvang Kristensen Discographies - Discography of Godowsky's Studies on Chopin's Etudes - Dr. Wayne Bethanis, PhD. Mus. - Performer, Actor, and Composer