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Artist Endorsements of the first documentary on Leopold Godowsky: "The Buddha of the Piano"
created, directed and performed by pianist Antonio Iturrioz

You did a splendid job in depicting my grandfather, the artist and the person. I also think you played his works very well, both interpretively and managing to present his complex, contrapuntal, technically difficult music with an ease that belies the extraordinary demands required to make this music sound facile and musical. And so I wish you much success in your project and thank you for your devotion to my grandfather’s music, and your wish to bring this extraordinary musical genius deservedly back to the attention of the musical world.
-Leopold Godowsky III, pianist and composer
September 18, 2010

Many bravos to Antonio Iturrioz for giving us this wonderfully informative and much-needed documentary on one of our under appreciated and greatest musicians, Leopold Godowsky. It allows us to again remember the legendary life and career of this brilliantly unique pianist, composer and arranger, and his immeasurably important contributions to the world of music.
-Byron Janis, pianist

Antonio Iturrioz has performed a wonderful service to music lovers in general and pianophiles in particular, by producing this lovingly researched film.
-Marc-Andre Hamelin, pianist/composer

I was very moved by Antonio’s Iturrioz’s documentary. It makes one feel nostalgia for Godowsky’s era, the Golden Age of the piano.... Godowsky’s scores are full of coherent markings and details. demanding from the performer utmost clarity and focus on the most minute details. Iturrioz’s performances in this documentary show clearly that he is ... a highly competent advocate of these qualities of Godowsky’s music .... As a musician and person of devotion to the cause of Godowsky’s music, I think Iturrioz is the man we have been waiting for and we can certainly expect from him a solid and lasting advocacy of the creative efforts of this composer.
-Carlo Grante, pianist

Thank you for the dvd. It is an important film for all pianists and pianophiles. It gives a clear insight into the life and unique piano genius of Leopold Godowsky. You reveal with skill, clarity and sensitivity the intricacies of his polyphonic piano writing, which as a composer-pianist myself, has always been a fascination.
-Dr. Ronald Stevenson, pianist/composer

From miniature to magnitude you have explored in film and through music the contrapuntal and technical mastery of the Poet of the Piano -- Leopold Godowsky -- pure melody. I salute you and thank you !
-Harry Winstanley
The International Godowsky Society
Edinburgh, Scotland

Antonio Iturrioz’s film gives us the highlights of Godowsky’s busy, peripatetic, career, shares his thoughts about music and life, and neatly summarizes his achievements as pianist, arranger, composer and teacher. The resulting portrait reveals why Godowsky stood out even in a Golden Age of Romantic piano playing. The film is generously illustrated with archival photographs, documents and scores, and unfolds against a backdrop of Godowsky’s own luxuriant, highly original and legendarily difficult music.
-Kevin Bazzana, author, "Lost Genius, Ervin Nyiregyhazi", and "Wondrous Strange: the Life and Art of Glenn Gould"

This dvd is a must for any serious pianist. The historical information given by Mr. Iturrioz would have been sufficient reason to acquire the DVD, but the playing and tasteful understanding of Godowsky's music as well makes this an ultimately satisfying experience. Bravo Mr. Iturrioz and Mr. Godowsky!
-Abraham Stokman, pianist and faculty
Music Institute of Chicago

I enjoyed your Godowsky film very much. You did a great job of putting it all together. A splendid accomplishment!
-Gary Graffman, pianist

This documentary is one of the most fascinating and illuminating presentations of a great pianist’s life and times. It fills a void and gives students, pianists and those interested in the legacy of one of the greatest pianists of all time a rare opportunity to reassess the tremendous and singular gifts of Leopold Godowsky. Antonio Iturrioz’s exceptional performances provide an added bonus.
-Daniel Glover, pianist

2016 Reviews

I find The Buddha of the Piano: Leopold Godowsky a historic film, being the first and only film to address the life and music of this great legend. Moreover, Mr. Iturrioz’s playing of the pieces presented on the film is highly professional and gets to the point of Godowsky’s fastidious writing, the subtle contrapuntal writing is in fact played admirably. The film is a brilliant and poetic summary of the man Harold C. Schonberg called probably the greatest pianist of all time.
At last, we have a beautiful film about Leopold Godowsky, the “Buddha of the Piano.”            
-Carlo Grante, pianist

Many congratulations to Antonio Iturrioz for this beautiful film on Leopold Godowsky. It is a labor of love and I absolutely loved it ! 
I recommend it to everyone, musician or not.
-Antonio Pompa-Baldi, pianist

Antonio Iturrioz makes a significant contribution to the Art of Piano with this impressive film. A work of substance, it contains a very high degree of true knowledge and deeper understanding of Leopold Godowsky’s genius. A truly remarkable documentary !
-Stephen Vaglica, pianist

A great documentary on one of the giants of the turn of the 20th Century pianism !  Conceived, written, narrated and performed with knowledge and passion for the subject.  Thank you, Antonio Iturrioz, for the creation of the film !
-Dmitry Rachmanov, pianist       
Professor, Cal State Northridge

The Great Godowsky !
This is a superb view into the life and work of Leopold Godowsky brought to life by the brilliant playing of Antonio Iturrioz who produced the film. I recommend it highly to any pianist and/or music lover who is interested in the history of the piano. Bravo !
-Beth Levin, pianist

This is a first-rate look at one of the Titans of the piano. Antonio Iturrioz should be congratulated both for the insightful narrative of the film as well as for his superb artistry as an interpreter of Leopold Godowsky.
-Jay Hershberger, pianist
President, American Liszt Society
Professor of Music, Concordia College